Rema Shrikant's Dance Academy


Prof. C.V. Chandrasekhar speaks about Rema Shrikant
Former Dean of Faculty of Performing Arts & Head Department Of Dance,
M.S. University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

"Smt. Rema Shrikant joined the faculty of performing Arts with a long period of training in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam, Kathakali and Kuchipudi studying them under well known Gurus. She was under my tutelage during the course of her graduate and post-graduate courses which she passed very creditably with top honours securing the Gold Medal and first positions. She is a very involved dancer who has a number of solo recitals to her credit. She has taken leading roles in the dance dramas choreographed by me. Her role of  Sita in "Bhoomija" had brought her laurels and appreciation from dance connoisseurs. Apart from being a beautiful dancer. she has proved to be a wonderful teacher. She has trained a number of disciples who have brought credit to her. The dance dramas choreographed and presented by her, show very creative ideas and spectacular group alignments. Her training in many of the classical forms gives her and added advantage in her choreographies".
Bharata Natyam in Baroda
by Sapna Rangaswamy, Baroda  

Rema Shrikant, at the Ellora Centre for Performing Arts, is a trained danseuse.  Rema has been trained in the Pandanallur as well as the Kalakshetra forms. She has also learnt some nuances of the Tanjore dance style. Rema is quite clear that while teaching young children  'MARGAM' , the basic dance right from Alarippu to Tillana, she adopts the same method as taught to her as a student. But while creating dance dramas, she ensures that she does not go beyond the borders of Bharata Natyam. "I do not just teach dance, I develop personalities." She says that she believes in the development of a whole human being, more humble towards mankind, able to appreciate the finer things of life and possessing confidence, discipline and respect. Rema teaches students the theory of dance. To her senior students, she teaches the art of composing pieces. "All my productions are the result of team work and I am proud of my students", says a beaming Rema.
MEET by Shyama Rajagopal
THE HINDU, Kochi Edition

A passion for dance
'Dance is a passion  to Rema. It is my life, my breath.  It is food, air, everything to me’, says the dancer from Vadodara.  Running the Ellora Centre of Performing Arts (ECPA) since 1975, Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam exponent, Ms. Rema has dedicated her life to promoting dance. Herself a post-graduate in performing arts from M.S. University, she has etched out a place for herself on stage.  Her Mohiniyattam as well as Bharatanatyam performances have received rave reviews. Her contribution towards dance is immense since she has been able to generate a lot of local enthusiasm for the South Indian dance styles.  So much so that the Gujarat Government has honoured her with Gujarat State Sangeet Natak Academy Award for 1999-2000 for contribution towards classical dance.

Rema Shrikant, Par Excellence
Valli Maragatham

To Rema Shrikant dancing has no limitations of region or boundaries. For her dancing is her way of life. Born to Guru Krishna Panicker and Smt. Gowri Panicker, Rema was initiated into dancing at the age of three at their Nritya Prabha Dance Institute. As she grew up like a flowing river touching many a banks and absorbing many a culture, she reached out to Guru Kittappa Pillai of Tanjore Shaili to enrich her vision of Bharatanatyam. 

From her first public performance from the tender age of six Rema has to her credit more than five hundred performances. She has performed all over India and abroad including UK, USA, JAPAN, RUSSIA, BANGKOK, MANILA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, VIETNAM, KAMPUCHEA and so on. Endowed with a mobile face, a supple physique, a dedication coupled with her flawless nritta and highly emotive nritya,  Rema was acclaimed as one of the best danseuse of Gujarat held in March 1993 by Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy Dance Festival.  Rema’s choreography has the unique blend of the dramatization aspect of Kathakali,  the nritta perfection of Kalakshetra style and the extensive knowledge of percussion skills.  All this when added with her own vision, innovative approach makes her efforts of choreography a panorama of visual delight and successful effort in communication. Her Ellora Centre for Performing Arts is doing yeomen service by initiating, encouraging and guiding budding talents in Vadodara and training them to full-fledged dancers. 

With her extreme sincerity and her unique style one finds a true blend of the finer aspects of various schools and systems in her repertoire. Her performances are both visual delight and a satisfying experience to the connoisseurs as well as the commoner. Dance as a visual medium has found a true expression through Rema and Rema is a dancer par excellence.

by BINA SHIRKE  - an old student

Rema Shrikant is a great teacher and her greatness as a teacher lies in her dreams for others – he students!  Her meticulous eye for detail never misses the slightest of flaws, and she never ever compromises on quality. She can inspire the most ordinary of the students to achieve heights hitherto unknown to them, only through her selfless, sincere and dedicated efforts highlighted by discipline. It is no wonder, then that she retains an abiding place in the hearts of her students all over. They all join hands in saying kudos to this charismatic lady.

A word of Praise
Rogula Beetcher (Switzerland)

In January 1998 we had the opportunity to enjoy the dance performance of “Ganesha”. This seems a long time ago, but that evening will remain unforgettable to all of us. Thank you very very much for bringing past of the rich Indian culture closer to our European souls. To thank you for that most delightful experience , I would like to present you some flowers from the mountains of Switzerland in a form which will let them last even through the hot summer of Gujarat. Many thanks also on behalf of my friends, Mr & Mrs Dreher from Germany, Mr. Siebes and my husband, Mr. Beetscher.
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